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Alpine Multi Port Extension Cords

Alpine Multi Port Extension CordsAlpine Multi Port Extension Cords

The quick connect lighting cable is one of Alpines newest landscaping and pond lighting features available.

You can install any Alpine lighting feature to the quick connect water tight cable, which allows you to have many lights connected to 1 transformer, but 1 single cord.

Comes in 25 or 50 ft lengths

  • 25ft Cord has 5 ports - 1 every 5ft.
  • 50ft Cord has 10 ports - 1 every 5ft
Item #: PL325
Alpine - 25ft Extension Cord with 5 Sockets

Our Price: $ 27.49
Item #: PL350
Alpine - 50ft Extension Cord with 10 Sockets

Our Price: $ 49.50

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