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Mesh Pump Bag for Most Pumps

Mesh Pump Bag for Most Pumps

Designed for the "sump pump" style pumps like our Danner and CalPump Waterfall series but can also be used with pumps like the Pondmaster Supreme Mag-drive Pumps. Protects all sizes of submersible pumps from large debris.

Allows for better water flow and cooling of the pump. Will adapt to horizontal or vertical discharges. Requires minimal cleaning.

Ingenious design. A must for submersible pumps that will not be in a skimmer.

Item #: 12315
Pondmaster - Mesh Pump Bag - Small - 18-in. x 24-in.

Our Price: $ 25.95
Item #: 12320
Pondmaster - Mesh Pump Bag - Large - 24-in. x 26-in.

Our Price: $ 32.95
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