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Microbe-Lift Planting Media with Bacteria

Microbe-Lift Planting Media with Bacteria


  • Retains oxygen
  • Has enormous surface area which is perfect to colonize beneficial nitrifying bacteria
  • Contains no algae promoting nutrients
  • Allows you to mix a ratio of loam to potting media or use as is
  • Has a neutral pH
  • Is non-toxic to plants
  • Will not breakdown or float
  • Will not cloud pond water
  • Is safe for all fish and aquatic life

Ideal Uses:

  • Submerged plants
  • Marginal plants
  • Bog planting areas
  • Aquatic container planting
Item #: ELMLCAPM10
Microbe-Lift Planting Media with Bacteria - 10lb Bag

Our Price: $ 18.00
Item #: ELMLCAPM20
Microbe-Lift Planting Media with Bacteria - 20lb Bag

Our Price: $ 30.00

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