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Microbe-Lift Montmorilionite Clay

Microbe-Lift Montmorilionite Clay

MicrobeLift Montmorilionite Clay - Natural Bentonite Clay. Specially formulated for pond clarity and koi health, growth and color! This premium grade clay will help you produce some of the healthiest and deepest colored koi ever!

MicrobeLift CMC comes from one of the highest calcium clay deposits in the world! Recommended for use with all Microbe-Lift bacteria and enzyme products.


  • Fish nutrition through mineral ingestion
  • Immunity against viruses
  • Improves fish color
  • Safe for fish and plants
  • Detoxifies and clarifies pond water (polishing)
Item #: MLKKB2
Microbe-Lift Montmorilionite Clay - 2lb

Our Price: $ 11.94
Item #: MLKKB6
Microbe-Lift Montmorilionite Clay - 6lb

Our Price: $ 28.00
Item #: MLKKB25
Microbe-Lift Montmorilionite Clay - 25lb

Our Price: $ 90.36

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