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Savio Compact Skimmerfilter

Savio Compact SkimmerfilterSavio Compact SkimmerfilterSavio Compact SkimmerfilterSavio Compact Skimmerfilter

Use the Savio Compact Skimmer to keep your pond free from debris and your water crystal clear. Savio Compact Skimmer is based on the same advanced design as the Skimmer but on a smaller scale. It features innovative technology that provides the most complete filtration available.

  • Removes up to 85% of debris before it sinks.
  • Macro filtration traps large debris.
  • Optional UV clarifier eliminates green water.
  • Bio-Mechanical filtration maintains healthy living bacteria & polishes water.
  • Sturdy locking cover.
  • Bio-mechanical filter mat and frame.
  • Rugged leaf basket.
  • Injection molded housing.
  • Manufacturer's 5 year limited warranty
  • Choose from 6" or 8.5" weir opening

Its advanced design simplifies installation, reduces equipment cost and creates ideal water clarity. This unit offers unsurpassed function in the form of 4-in-one filtration. Just like the Skimmer filter, this compact model acts as a micro filter that catches large debris, a skimmer filter that removes up to 85% of small debris, a bio filter that supports the biological health of your pond, and an optional UV filter that eliminates green water and improves pond clarity.

Item #: CSW085
Savio Compact Skimmerfilter 8.5-in. Weir - Complete

Our Price: $ 372.75
Item #: RC002
Compact SkimmerFilter - Replacement Filter Mats - 2 Pack

Our Price: $ 17.40
Item #: RC005
Savio Compact SkimmerFilter Replacement Basket with Handle

Our Price: $ 72.00
Item #: RC020
Savio Compact Skimmerfilter Filter Frame Assembled 1 Set

Our Price: $ 32.75
Item #: RC020x2
Savio Compact Skimmerfilter Filter Frame Assembled 2 Sets

Our Price: $ 55.00
Item #: K5002
Savio Small Decorative Stone Cover - Dark Brown

Our Price: $ 166.40
Item #: CW8500
Savio Compact SkimmerFilter 8in Face Plate Assembly w Door

Our Price: $ 40.00
Item #: RC001
Savio Compact SkimmerFilter Screw Packet

Our Price: $ 8.80

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